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First Layton VS Ace Attorney Screens

Plus, find out what Layton and Phoenix Wright are up to in their crossover adventure.


Famitsu.com has posted the first actual game screens from Level-5' and Capcom's still unexpected and unbelievable dream crossover project, Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney.

Joining the shots, the site and its print counterpart reveal that Layton and Ace Attorney's Phoenix Wright meet in"Labyrinth City," a city in a different world. Wright hopes to challenge the city's "Witch Trials," which apparently follow some difficult to grasp rules. As for Layton, his role isn't clear at present.

One new gameplay system is the "Gunshuu Saiban" system. That translates to "Mob Judgement." Standard rules do not apply when the mob rules. Phoenix Wright will have to face off in questioning against crowds of witnesses.

Famitsu introduces new characters like Mahoney (in the above screens, the blond girl), the accused witch Phoenix Wright defends, and Jeeken (the red-haired guy with the sword), the prosecutor in the case.

Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney is due for 3DS release in 2012.

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