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Square Enix Outlines Final Fantasy XIII-2 Promotional Plans

Major collaborations and exclusive pre-order download content on the way.


Joining today's Final Fantasy XIII-2 release date announcement, Square Enix outlined a number of promotional campaigns it has in place for the game.

As reported earlier, XIII-2 will be released on December 15 on both PS3 and Xbox 360. The PS3 version will be released alongside a hardware bundle featuring a special Lightning PS3.

Campaigns and tie-ups include:

Toshiba's Regza LCD Television lineup
This is just for Japan and will take many forms (none of which Square Enix specified today)
Lawsons and HMV
Pre-order the game at these shops, and you'll get special download content for use in the game. There will be other promotions with these two retailers as well.
Theme Song
As reported earlier, Square Enix has drafted Mai Fukui and Charice for the game's theme song. Charice's song is titled "New World" and will be used in the worldwide version of the game. Mai Fukui's song is called Yakusoku no Basho (roughly, Promised Place) and will be used in the PS3 version in Japan and Asia. Even though they have different names, these are based off the same song, but have different words and arrangements.
Post Release Download Content
Also detailed earlier today, FFXIII-2 will get post-release download content. Details (ouside of the HMV and Lawsons tie-ups) were not provided.
Final Fantasy XIII Lost Report
This six chapter web novella looks back at Final Fantasy XIII from the perspective of the Rygdea and Yaag Rosch characters. It will be distributed via the game's official website in September. The novella is currently planned exclusively for Japan.

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