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Sony Demos PlayStation Vita Remote Play and Advanced AR Features

Play PS3 games through your Vita, and use the Vita as a PS3 controller.


During a Tokyo Game Show keynote address today, Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studio President Shuhei Yoshida revealed some of the system's latest built in features.

Two PS3 to PS Vita connectivity features in particular stood out. Vita will be able act as a Remote Play device for PS3. You'll be able to play full PS3 games through your Vita.

Yoshida showed a demonstration video of Killzone 3 being played remotely. Visit 4Gamer for a video clip. 4Gamer notes that the button count discrepancy between the PS3 and Vita is dealt with through the system's rear touch panel.

Sony also showed how the Vita can be used as a controller for the PS3. The reason you might want to do this is because your PS3 games would have access to the Vita's touch panels. The 4Gamer story also has a video of this.

Yoshida also discussed the system's Augmented Reality functionality, detailing two technologies: Wide Area AR and Markerless AR. Wide Area AR takes care of the issue with current AR games where your characters suddenly disappear when the AR marker card goes off the screen, and also allows for multiple AR cards to be activated simultaneously on the same screen. Markerless AR lets you make characters appear even without an AR card. You simply touch the screen in the location you'd like the character to apepar.

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