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Atlus Shares Persona 4 Ultimate Move Chart

You can pretend to play even if you can't get to Tokyo Game Show. It's not as different as it sounds!


Persona 4 Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena is making its playable debut at the Tokyo Game Show. You may not be able to get out to Tokyo to try it, or maybe you did go to Tokyo and realized that TGS is actually in neighboring Chiba. The point is, if you can't get to the event space, you can "air play" thanks to these move charts Atlus released today.

I'm not sure if my image system will shrink the images down, so check out the original Persona 4 blog post just in case.

In other P4U news, 4Gamer delivered a cam-grabbed video clip of the game from the JAMMA AM Show (which is running simultaneously with TGS, in the same Makuhari Messe). Visit 4Gamer to see the clip.

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