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Date Set For Metal Gear Solid HD Edition

Remade MGS2 and MGS3 arrives in late November, with selectable event scene styles.


Some big news from today's Kojima Productions Tokyo Game Show stage event. Metal Gear Solid HD Edition is due for release on November 23, Kojima and friends announced. Both the 360 and PS3 versions will carry a price of ¥5,480, a ways lower than a full priced game.

Other new details from the stage, as summed up at Game Jouhou, included:

You'll be able to select your event scene style. You can choose to show the event scenes in wide screen or standard 4x3 format.

The PS3 version of HD includes a download code for the Game Archives version of Metal Gear Solid. Xbox 360 owners will not get this, but Kojima Productions is looking into the possibility of a different bonus.

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