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Metal Gear Solid HD Edition Trailers and Release Details


We reported earlier that Metal Gear Solid HD Edition will be released on November 23. Before the remakes of MGS2 and MGS3, players will be able to play Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, as it's due for release in advance, on November 10.

In Japan, Peace Walker is getting a separate release. Outside of Japan, it's included with the MGS2 and MGS3 remakes. Check with your local Konami for specifics regarding your territory.

Metal Gear Solid HD Edition will be priced ¥5,480. Peace Walker will be priced a bit lower, at ¥4,980.

Konami will be releasing a ¥9,980 limited edition for both games. For Peace Walker, this includes a copy of the game, a Play Arts Snake figure, and a vocal tracks CD. For MGS HD, this includes a copy of the game with a special Yoji Shinkawa illustration, a "The Art of Metal Gear Solid The Original Trilogy art book, and a soundtrack CD.

The games will also get Konami Style limited editions priced ¥14,980 each. These include all the goodies from the limited editions. In addition, the MGS HD Konami Style version includes mug cups for MGS2 and MGS3, and an original headphone and bag. The Peace Walker Konami Style version includes a Peace Walker mug cup and a Kazuhira Miller Play Arts Kai figure.

A download version is also due for release. For Peace Walker, the download version will be released in June. Konami did not specify a time frame for the MGS HD download version, but it is on the way.

Joining these release details, Konami shared new trailers or both games. Check them out below.

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker

Metal Gear Solid HD Edition

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