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Sony Boss: No Current Plans For New PlayStation Monster Hunter

Capcom surprised everyone with the announcement of Monster Hunter 4 for 3DS on Tuesday.

A few days prior to the start of the Tokyo Game Show, Capcom announced Monster Hunter 4 as a 3DS title. A big coup for Nintendo, or is this going to be another example of Capcom's multiplatform strategy?

Based off comments from Sony Computer Entertainment Japan president Hiroshi Kawano, it looks like Monster Hunter 4 really is a 3DS exclusive. During an interview following Sony's pre Tokyo Game Show press conference, Reuters Japan asked Kawano if a new Monster Hunter will be released for Sony systems. "At present, there is no talk of a new Monster Hunter coming to PlayStation," replied Kawano.

The Monster Hunter series saw its greatest success on PlayStation Portable, with each installment selling upwards of four million copies. Earlier this year, Sony used Monster Hunter Portable 3G to show off PlayStation Vita's backwards compatibility with PSP titles.

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