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Persona 4 Fighter May Have Original Fighters

Producers discuss fighter at Tokyo Game Show stage event.


Atlus and Arc System Works' Persona 4 The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena fighting game has characters from Person 4 and Persona 3. But it may also have original characters as well.

Arc held a stage event for the game at the Tokyo Game Show yesterday. In attendance were Arc prodcuer Toshimichi Mori, Arc director Takumi Iguchiya, Atlus producer Katsura Hashino, and Atlus director Kazuhisa Wada.

Mori teased that some big character reveals could be on the way, admitting that even he was surprised with some of the character choices. He also hinted that there may be original characters.

The developers also discussed how the project came to be, reiterating that the game is not just farmed out to Arc System Works, but is being developed cooperatively between Atlus and Arc.

Visit 4Gamer for pics from the stage event.

[Via Dengeki / 4Gamer ]

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