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Layton VS Ace Attorney Goes Playable Next Month

Capcom also teases plans for Ace Attorney anniversary event.


Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney isn't due out until 2012. But the chance to play it isn't so far off. At a Tokyo Game Show stage event yesterday, Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino announced that the game will be playable at next month's Level-5 World 2011 event.

Level-5 World 2011 is a Level-5 specific event. The free event is set to be held on October 15 and October 16 at Tokyo Big Site. The event's first day will have this year's Level-5 Vision press conference where Level-5 is expected to make a number of new announcements (last year's Level-5 Vision brought the announcement of Layton VS Ace Attorney).

With two full days of public access, we can probably expect a large lineup of playable games at the event, and now we know that one of them will be the Layton and Ace Attorney crossover.

The Layton vs Ace Attorney stage was attended by Hino, Capcom producer Hironobu Takeshita, and designer Shu Takumi. Most of the details they shared about the game's story and gameplay system were announced earlier in the week (see this story). They also announced the game's cast (see this story).

Screens of Layton vs Ace Attorney, shared at Famitsu.com earlier in the week.

Regarding just the Ace Attorney side of the series, the stage event also brought notice of some sort of 10 year anniversary event for the series. Details will be announced on 10/12 at the series' official site.

Visit Famitsu.com for pics from the event.

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