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Tetsuya Nomura Details Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Gameplay Systems


Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance appeared in playable form at the Tokyo Game Show with hardly anything known about its core gameplay. Those who played it might have already figured out the basics, but just to be sure Tetsuya Nomura appeared on the rarely updated Kingdom Hearts official Twitter with some details.

Nomura highlights three new gameplay systems:

Free Flow Action
These are the "flashy" actions Nomura has mentioned in the past. By pressing Y, you can make your character kick off walls, swing around poles, slide down rails, and so-forth. You can string together these actions. You can also connect into other moves -- pressing A or a powerful attack, or B for a jump.
Reality Shift
When you're attacking enemies, objects and enemies will sometimes be highlighted with a cursor. Press X and A simultaneously, and you can perform special attacks through the lower screen.
Dual Link
In DDD, you fight along side demons known as "Dream Eaters." In the TGS demo, you start off with two of these in your party. As you build up a gauge, the Dream Eater's icon will begin to flash. Tap the icon on the lower screen, and you'll be able to do a team attack. You can also team up with both Dream Eaters simultaneously.

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