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Level-5 CEO Calls PlayStation Vita a Battleship

Sony portable equipped with a variety of weapons, Hino says during Ni no Kuni broadcast.

Akihiro Hino holding a PS Vita in Sony's booth yesterday (Note: Vita system not to scale).

Remember all those old analogies about how PlayStation 3 is like a Ferrari while Xbox 360 is like my parents' green Volvo station wagon that I once used to chase down the punks who egged my car on the last day of high school?

Today, we got our first vehicular analogy for PlayStation Vita, although involving an entirely different class of vehicle.

During a Sony hosted live broadcast session at the Tokyo Game Show yesterday, Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino described Sony's new hardware as being "like a battleship."

He elaborated a bit. Like a battleship, said Hino, the Vita is equipped with a variety of weapons. He gets the feeling that the system has a variety of features and any of these can be used as a weapon.

Hino even put his analogy in writing:

Hino's brief comments about Vita came at the end of a segment about the PlayStation 3 version of Studio Ghibli tie-up Ni no Kuni. The PS3 title attempts to realize what would happen if you took an old-style RPG and remade it using high quality visuals, said Hino. During a live demo session, he and Level-5 staffer Kyousuke Terasaki demonstrated the game's time progression and sea-going components.

Hino promised new details on Ni no Kuni at Level-5 World in mid October. This will be just one month before the game's planned release.

In its PlayStation Vita release schedule earlier this week, Sony listed Level-5 as developing an RPG for the system. Hino did not touch upon this during his live session, but perhaps we'll get some details on how Hino plans on using the system's various weapons at Level-5 World.

[Via Famitsu.com / PS Vita Community Site ]

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