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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Has Chocobo Racing, a Casino and Downloadable Weapons


Final Fantasy XIII-2 producer Yoshinori Kitase was in the hot seat this afternoon for Sony's "Play Live" talk sessions at the Tokyo Game Show. Kitase revealed a number of new bits about the upcoming sequel.

Famitsu.com mentioned two points in its summary. First off, the game will have an amusement center packed with mini games like Chocobo races and a casino.

Kitase also provided hints at what kind of post release download content to expect from the game. We can look forward to additional costumes and weapons, and monster downloads. Regarding the DLC, Kitase assured that players will find the content on the disc fulfilling, but the download content will allow for even longer play.

Similar to the Akihiro Hino segment, Kitase finished off by scribbling a message on a PlayStation Vita poster.

Kitase's message was "Let's meet in X," in reference to the Final Fantasy X remake that was announced for PS3 and Vita earlier in the week. No details have been shared since the announcement.

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