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Itagaki Talks Devil's Third Story, Beta Test and Reaction to Dead or Alive 5


Tomonobu Itagaki has shared a few details on Devil's Third in an interview with Impress Watch. Going along with our summary of Famitsu's interview, here's what we learned from the Impress interview. Itagaki also responded to the Dead or Alive 5 announcement, so be sure and read on through the end!

Beta Test

Itagaki hopes to have a closed beta test for Devil's Third. Although stressing that this is just a forecast, Itagaki said it could take place around Fall of 2012. The closed beta test would be for the hardcore fans, and would be followed by an open beta test for general users.

E3 Teaser and Delays

Itagaki admitted that he'd promised during E3 an update on Devil's Third at TGS. However, during meetings with THQ earlier this month, they determined that it was too early to show the game. The game is not delayed, though. It's still due out in early 2013.


Similar to his Famitsu interview, Itagaki said that the current game is totally different from the trailer that was shown at E3 2010. Regarding the action component, some areas have become faster, and so-forth. The characters have seen considerable changes -- this includes the main characters. You can actually see the new main character designs if you go frame by frame through the E3 "Hard Gay" teaser trailer.

Multiplayer and Modes

Itagaki has been saying that the game's multiplayer count has been increasing. They're currently at 25 players, he told Impress. This figure is achieved when recreating internet issues like packet loss. He's promising 16 player support, but aiming for 32 players.

Regarding multiplayer modes, he said that they plan on including all the modes one expects from shooters. But just this wouldn't be interesting. They will also have some unique modes. Asked for some hints, he would only say that when making a fighting game, you're limited in what you can do as far as modes are concerned because in the end all you end up doing is fighting. However, with a shooter, you have expansive environments and lots of players playing simultaneously, so you can do more interesting rule designs.


Itagaki also shared the broad background story with Impress. Much of it was already shared back at E3. As detailed then, the game surrounds the "Kessler Syndrome," the dense distribution of space debris in orbit. Once this point is reached, in some sense the playing field on Earth will be leveled off. Military powers will no longer be able to use their weapons. All of the IT industry will be down. Even commercial flight will be impossible because of disruptions to guidance systems. When all this happens, there will be a shift in the world's power balance. Devils Third begins at the start of the Kessler Syndrome, although Itgaki would not say if in the game world something served to trigger the Kessler Syndrome.

Itagaki's Daughter

Separate from Devil's Third, Impress mentioned that Tecmo Koei had announced Dead or Alive 5 earlier in the week. Of course, Dead or Alive is Itagaki's baby. Asked for his impression, Itagaki said, "It was announced? I still haven't seen it myself, so I'm not in a position to comment."

Impress pressed further and asked if as the series' father it feels a bit odd to see the series be continued on without him. Itagaki replied that while there are some creators like that, he is different. He views Dead or Alive as like having given a daughter off to be married. It would be bad for a father to always be protective of his daughter. He can only hope that she is given happiness.

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