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Tokyo Game Show serves record breaking 222,000 in four days


This year's Tokyo Game Show closed its doors on Sunday following a four day period of announcements, demos, and record breaking attendance.

Over the four days, the event saw attendance of 222,668, organizer CESA announced after the close of the show. This is up from last year's 207,647 and 2009's 185,030.

As reported earlier, the first public day of the show broke the single day record for the event, its 86,251 outpacing 2006's 84,823.

Here's the full day by day attendance total with previous years included in parentheses. The first two days were business days, open only to press and invited guests. The second two days are open to the public.

  • 9/15: 25,631 (2010: 24,764, 2009: 27,435)
  • 9/16: 27,042 (2010: 24,229, 2009: 24,605)
  • 9/17: 86,251 (2010: 81,469, 2009: 61,138)
  • 9/18: 83,744 (2010: 77,185, 2009: 71,852)

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