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3DS Ninja Action Game Senran Kagura is 2D Only During Gameplay


A post today at the Senran Kagura official blog reveals that MMV's original 3DS ninja action title, which is due for release this week, has a complicated mix of stereoscopic 3D and flat 2D scenes. The game automatically switches between the two output modes depending on the situation.

Here's a summary of when the game will remain flat, and when it will burst forth like its busty heroines.

Startup and Title screen

Viewable in 3D.

Your Room

This is where you select a mission and change clothes. Viewable only in 2D.

Clothe changing room

Viewable only in 2D. The reason for this is to allow you to view the characters looking best even when zoomed in. They tried until the last minute to make it work with 3D, but the quality wasn't to expectations, so they kept it 2D.

Adventure Part

This is where the story progresses after you've selected your mission. Viewable in 3D.

Novel Part

These are text-only, so they're viewable only in 2D.

Pre Mission Splash Screen

These pre mission scenes show your character. Viewable in 3D.

Pre Boss Splash Screen

The main enemy is shown here just before your fight. Viewable in 3D.

Main Action Part

Viewable only in 2D. To make the action part feel best, they placed the emphasis on such areas as enemies and hit effect counts. This is one area that couldn't be made 3D by adjusting the framerate, so they went with 2D only.

Transformation and Costume Destruction

Viewable in 3D. This applies to both the heroines and the villains.

Winning Pose

Viewable in 3D. Other special screens, like the "time up screen" are also shown in 3D.

Result Menu

The screen you see after clearing a mission. Viewable only in 2D.

Opening Animation Movie

Viewable only in 2D

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