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Team Bravely Default discuss jobs, the ridiculous name, and more


During the Tokyo Game Show last week, Inside Games was able to quiz Square Enix's Tomoya Asano about his newest RPG, Bravely Default Flying Fairy for 3DS. Here are some of the main points made by Asano during the interview:

The Girl

The girl who appears in the illustration you see on this page is one of the game's four main characters. She's also the girl from the AR movie.

Battle System

The game's battle system mixes jobs and abilities. It's close to Final Fantasy V in image. Like a "standard RPG," it will have random encounters and will be turn-based.

The Name

Inside pointed out that the game's subtitle, "Flying Fairy," can be shortened as "FF," which is also the short form of Final Fantasy. Asano joked that this wasn't on purpose. In the main visual, there's a light that can be seen above the heroine. This the "flying fairy" of the subtitle.

Scenario & Sound Staff

Asano did not share the game's scenario and sound staff with Inside. However, he did say that they're using people who've previously not worked with Square Enix. He'd only describe them as "interesting people."

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