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Final Fantasy XIII-2: Disc Counts, Characters, QTEs and More in This Week's Famitsu


PS3 owners won't be able to make fun of their Xbox 360 friends about having to get up and swap discs every 20 hours or so when playing Final Fantasy XIII-2. Famitsu reveals this week that both the 360 and PS3 versions of the game take up just one disc.

Does this mean that Square Enix has rushed the game out with little content? In an interview with the magazine, director Motomu Toriyama says that the game actually has the same amount of volume as the original. The reason they're able to fit the game in less space this time is that the event scenes are real time. In addition to saving Xbox 360 players a trip from the couch to the entertainment center (horrors!), this has the added bonus of event scenes showing your armor changes.

Other points mentioned in Famitsu this week include:


The version of Hope shown in the Tokyo Game Show trailer is from 10 years after FFXIII, when the character is 24 years old. He's head of a scientific investigation group of some form.


It was previously revealed that new main character Noel is from the future where he somehow managed to become the last remaining human. According to Famitsu, he's having some memory problems due to a time paradox.


The TGS trailer introduced us to Kaias, the mysterious character from the first FFXIII-2 trailer way back in January. Did you get an evil villain vibe from him? Then your evil villain detector is working! Kaias is a villain who's having a bad influence on both Valhalla, the place where Lightning spends her time nowadays, and Serah's world.


In the TGS trailers, did you spot the black smoke that looked like it was coming from Lightning? It's called "Chaos."


The game will have some extreme scenes, although not at the level of Final Fantasy Type-0. (I believe this means scenes of extreme violence and war-like depictions, which is something that Type-0 is said to have a lot of).


Not fond of QTEs? While XIII-2 will have quick timer events, there won't be much of a demerit if you fail at them. There will be some merits to clearing them, but only subtle.


In the original FFXIII, your characters had limits on how far they could advance in their Crystarium growth chart. The limits were increased as the story progressed. In XIII-2, there are no level limits. If you work at it, you can make yourself super powerful from the start.


In XIII-2, you can now switch your currently controlled character during battle. Also, different from XIII, the battle does not end when your leader dies.

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