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Monster Hunter 3G online? Nintendream editor comments cause speculation.


This month's issue of Nintendream has a look at Monster Hunter 3G. While the information in the feature is old, the game's information box did appear to confirm one important bullet point -- or missing bullet point, that is.

The information box says that the game will support local play and SpotPass, but will not support download play (where multiple players can play using one copy of the game) or internet play.

When Capcom announced Monster Hunter 3G, it only listed local play, so everyone assumed the game would, like its PSP counterparts but unlike its Wii predecessor, be local-only. This listing in Nintendream seemed to confirm this suspicion.

Not so fast! Nintendream editor-in-chief Muscle updated the magazine's Twitter later in the day with an explanation about the information box. According to the post, the information listed in the box is "what's been announced at present." Muscle suggests that we wait for future updates for details.

Monster Hunter 3G is due for release in December, so if the game does have a major feature like internet play, Capcom will hopefully get around to announcing it soon.

[via My Game News Flash]

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