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Sakurai: No Progress on New Smash Bros. Until Kid Icarus is Complete

Sakurai is mum on characters for the new Smash Bros. (although these two are probably safe bets).

Kid Icarus Uprising was recently delayed to early 2012. While the extra development time is probably good news for the Kid Icarus revival, for the Wii U and 3DS Smash Bros. game, it's not so good.

Project Sora head Masahiro Sakurai, the main creative force behind both Kid Icarus and the new Smash Bros. games, wrote at a his Twitter today, "I'm currently concentrating on one title, Kid Icarus. Until this wraps up, Smash Bros. will not progress. Of course, characters have not been decided at all."

Sakura appeared to be issuing a general response to the billion or so Tweets he gets every day about character selection for the new Smash Bros.

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