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Live Broadcast Your Play Sessions on PlayStation Vita with Nico Nico's Video API

Niwango showed of its Vita toolkit at Sony's pre Tokyo Game Show press conference last week

PlayStation Vita's Nico Nico Douga functionality will include more than just support for streaming videos covered in the service's characteristic walls of comments. Nikkei reports that Nico Nico operator Niwango is working on developer tools that will allow developers to build live broadcast functionality into their games.

According to the Nikkei report, the Nico Nico API is currently able to just broadcast a player's face snapped by the system's front camera. Next year, Niwango plans on updating the API to support live broadcasting of gameplay footage as well.

At Tokyo Game Show, Nico Nico detailed "Game Jikkyou" or "Game Broadcast." At present, this refers to the former type of broadcast -- just broadcasting the players' face along with an audio stream. Nikkei's report today confirms that the more advanced game footage broadcast will also be supported in the new year.

As indicated by the talk of a developer API, these broadcast features are at the game level rather than system level. It looks like games will have to include support for the live broadcast feature by incorporating Niwango's API.

[via Nikkei / My Game News Flash ]

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