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Tokimeki Memorial 3rd Story PSP Updated with Live2D Tech for Smooth Animation


Konami announced last week a PSP version of Tokimeki Memorial Girls Side 3rd Story, the third entry in the Tokimeki Memorial franchise's "Girl's Side" offshoot that targets female audiences. The game is making its way over from the DS, where it was one of the system's first four gigabit cartridges.

The PSP version will have some swanky new tech too. Weekly Famitsu reveals this week that the game is being updated with Live2D, an animation system that allows for smooth animation for the character portraits that are used heavily in this type of game.

Live2D isn't new tech for the PSP, of course, as games like My Little Sister and other major visual novel/adventure games use it, but it should make this more than just your ordinary DS to PSP port.

Famitsu also reveals that the game will be getting additional event scenes over its DS counterpart. We'll hopefully get specifics, along with first screens, later this week.

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