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Its second week sales may have seen a major drop, but Namco Bandai is continuing to get shipments of Tales of Xillia out to retail. The company says that the PS3 title has now crossed the 650,000 shipment mark.

We first heard shipment figures of 500,000 just ahead of the game's September 8 launch. The day after launch, Namco Bandai announced a 600,000 shipment figure for the game.

In actual sales, Media Create reported 520,000 units sold in the game's first week. More recently, the game saw a nearly 90% drop in second week sales, with under 50,000 units sold, bringing its total as of September 18 to just above 570,000 units.

Tales titles tend to be front loaded in sales, so we'll have to keep an eye on how the game performs in the coming weeks.

The 650,000 shipment announcement came in the form of a press release from Namco Bandai detailing its plans for the series' 15th anniversary. There isn't any new information as far as promotions go, but you can see the full PDF here.

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