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Final Fantasy Type-0 Character Update

Meet the latest sub characters.


Just when you thought they'd announced the full cast of characters, Square Enix and Famitsu have revealed a lineup of additional sub characters for Final Fantasy Type-0. Like the rest of the cast, these characters have some major voice actors backing them.

Here are the details from the magazine, accompanied by screenshots from Famitsu.com.

Diva (ディーヴァ)

Voiced by Lightning and Aya Brea voice actress Maya Sakamoto. She serves as the storyteller role in the game.

Caetuna (セツナ)

Voiced by Marina Inoue. She's a l'Cie from your home country of Suzaku. It's said that her magic ability is so good that she can summon various summon creatures. She's the oldest l'Cie in the game's world of Orience.

Ninbus (ニンブス)

Voiced by Junichi Suwabe. A l'Cie from the invading Byakko. He exists only to fulfill the focus given by the Byakko crystal. All other thoughts disappeared in his nearly 100 years of existence.

Enkido (エンキドゥ)

Voiced by Hiroshi Shirokuma. A l'Cie from Genbu. He's existed with, and served as a guide to, Gilgamesh, a previously revealed l'Cie from Genbu, since their childhood.

Aria (アリア)

Voiced by Ai Nanoka. She serves as an orderly in your class, Class 0. She can be seen selling items.

Naghi (ナギ)

Voiced by Shoutaro Morikubo. A student who calls himself "Everyone's Idol." While he seems to be a cheerful person, he's actually a member of the intelligence division.

Carla (カルラ)

Voiced by Aya Hirano. A student who will sell items and information to you.

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