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Play Konami Arcade Classics With Your Chick in New Love Plus


Way back before Konami turned fruity and started making love sims, they made totally hardcore arcade games like Twinbee. New Love Plus will let you experience both sides of the gaming giant through an included selection of Konami arcade classics.

The upcoming 3DS entry in the Love Plus series lets you play mini games based off three Konami arcade titles of old: Twinbee, Taisen Puzzle Dama and Yie Ar Kung-Fu. These appear in New Love Plus in updated form, known respectively as Twinbee +, Motto Moero! Taisen Puzzle Dama, and Yie Ar Kung-Fu +.

The mini games are part of the game's "Kanojo to Game" (Games with your Girlfriend) system, where you play with or against your girl. The games can be accessed either when out on dates at a game center, or directly via Love Plus Mode. Your girl will appear on the bottom screen, and you'll get to see her reaction as you play together.

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