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More on Nippon Ichi's New PS3 RPG

Dark fantasy action RPG set in an open, seamless world with lots of blood.


That report from earlier about Nippon Ichi's new PlayStation 3 title The Witch and the Hundred Cavalrymen appears to be legit. New details have surfaced:

  • The game is a dark fantasy action RPG
  • The world is open and seamless -- there won't be transitions between town and field
  • The game will have a high degree of freedom -- the world is like a sandbox where you can do anything
  • The visuals are fully 3D. The perspective is from above.
  • There will be a packed main story with over 30 hours of play
  • There will be lots of sub quests
  • There's no game over. But, if you die, you lose your items
  • There's lots of blood, and the game's visual expression is dark. However, they won't be going too overboard with the grotesque.
  • You can choose to side with good or evil
  • Nippon Ichi is not using the experience it gained from making Disgaea and other titles. (Make sure you read that carefully!)

There's one confusing bit about the reports that are surfacing at present. It seems that rather than controlling the witch of the title, you're actually controlling the hundred cavalrymen. We're waiting to hear more about this area.

Majo to Hyakkihei is due for PS3 release in Spring 2012.

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