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Nintendo Shares Zelda Skyward Sword Release Details and Packaging

Limited edition pricing set. Plus, check out the three packages.


Nintendo announced a November 23 release date for Zelda Skyward Sword its pre Tokyo Game Show press conference a couple of weeks back. Today, we got specifics on the game's limited edition, along with box art, via retailer Famicom Plaza.

Skyward Sword will be released in standard and limited forms. The standard form runs ¥6,800. The limited version, named Zelda 25th Anniversary Pack, runs ¥8,800.

The limited edition includes a gold Wiimote Plus. Both the standard and limited versions will include a 25th Anniversary Orchestra Special CD.

The CD will only be included in the units produced this year. Additionally, Nintendo will only be including gold colored packaging in this year's production run. Next year, the game will switch to standard white packaging, shown in the above images, and no bonus CD.

Pre-orders for the game will begin tomorrow, Famicom Plaza reports.

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