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Create and Share Custom Scenarios in Musou Orochi 2

Latest Musou game has some social elements.

From PS3's Warriors Orochi Z

Tecmo Koei is adding social aspects to its Musou Orochi series sequel, Musou Orochi 2. In its reveal article on the game this week, Famitsu details a scenario customization system.

Players can create custom scenarios for the game. These can be uploaded to a server for other players to download. Players can leave comments about user created scenarios, helping to build up a community of Orochi fans.

Famitsu's first report on Musou Orochi 2, the next entry in the series that's known internationally as Warriors Orochi, lists a release time frame of December. Our initial report said that the game is coming to both PS3 and Xbox 360. PS3 is confirmed, but we're not sure about 360 just yet.

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