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Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki Rumored for PlayStation Vita


A mysterious image has popped up suggesting that Falcom will be bringing an updated version of PSP's Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki to PlayStation Vita.

The image, supposedly from a post card that comes with a Falcom drama CD, refers to the game as Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki Full Voice Version and lists a release of Spring 2012. Details are promised at http://www.zero-full.com (currently inactive).

I don't have any way of verifying if the image is legit or not, so you should probably consider this a rumor for now. Or, pretend you didn't read the last sentence and start dancing in the street.

From the PSP version.
From the PSP version.

Zero no Kiseki was released for PSP last September. The next entry in the Legend of Heroes series, Ao no Kiseki, is due for release tomorrow and has received over 200,000 retail orders.

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