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Final Fantasy XIII-2's Noel Gets a Special Weapon at the Square Enix e-Shop

Noel joins the Fabula Nova Crystallis universe with XIII-2. He's from the future.

HMV and Lawsons buyers get a special weapon for Serah when they pre-order Final Fantasy XIII-2. But Square Enix isn't leaving Noel fans out. Those who buy the game through the Square Enix e-Shop will get a special weapon for the XIII-2 newcomer.

The weapon is named "Calamity Blade." This exclusive Noel weapon is a twin blade that can recharge Noel's ATB gauge quicker than usual.

According to the product listing page at the -Store site, the weapon will show its effect from the start of the game midway through the adventure You're going to have to figure out what this means for yourself (perhaps by the game's midpoint, Noel becomes too powerful for the weapon to be of any use?).

As with the previously announced bonus download content, the e-Shop did not provide an image of the Calamity Blade weapon, but promised a look in a future update.

e-Store buyers will also get a PC wallpaper calendar set.

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