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Nintendo and Intelligent Systems Bring New Block Puzzle Game to 3DS


Intelligent Systems will be releasing its first downloadable 3DS game "Hiku-osu" next week. Nintendo, who's publishing the game, shared details, screens and videos today.

In Hiku-osu, you play as the powerful Maro who's out to help people. Maro's town has been covered in a mysterious block-like toy called Hiku-osu.

Taking control of Maro, you'll need to push and pull (respectively the "Hiku" and "Osu" of the title) the blocks in order to create pathways as you advance to the stage's goal. Access the official site for movies showing the gameplay basics.

Hiku-osu comes packed with over 250 stages, some featuring classic Nintendo themed art. You can also create original courses using the game's creation mode.

Look for Hiku-osu at the Nintendo e-Shop on October 5, priced ¥700.

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