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Our first screens and art from Musou Orochi 2 comes from Famitsu.com, which posted a companion article to this week's Weekly Famitsu reveal spread.

As detailed earlier, the Warriors Orochi sequel will feature over 120 characters. Included are characters from Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors, the two series for which Musou Orochi is considered a crossover. The original characters that appeared in past Musou Orochi games will also appear here. Tecmo Koei is also promising characters from outside the Musou/Warriors series. Details will be shared later.

The basic gameplay appears to remain the same -- you form a team of three generals whom you switch off between as you fight. The game will add new features, including three member team attacks and "switch combos" where you switch off attacks between your three members.

Via the game's "Musou no Senjo" (Musou Battlefield) feature, players will be able to create custom scenarios, and upload them for other players to play and comment on. Famitsu's print article says that the scenarios can be customized from existing scenarios. It's unclear if you can actually create new scenarios from scratch.

Development on Musou Orochi 2 is currently at 70% complete. The game is due for PS3 and Xbox 360 release in December, priced ¥7,800.

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