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Falcom has opened the Zero-Full.com official site, confirming that The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki Full Voice Version is real.

Word of the PlayStation Vita version of PSP's Zero no Kiseki first surfaced yesterday as a buyer of a Falcom drama CD received a pamphlet that mentioned the game.

According to the official site, the game is an "Event Full Voice" version, which presumably means all the game's event scenes will have full voice.

The site lists the game as a collaborative project between Falcom, Pyramid (presumably this Pyramid) and Chara-Ani. Pyramid is the developer of the Patapon series. Chara-ani deals in anime character goods. Falcom has not said how the two will be contributing to the game, but the site does seem to emphasize the collaboration.

A release is planned for 2012, according to the site. The pamphlet from yesterday listed a more specific Spring timeframe.

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