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Square Enix Sets PS Vita Launch Title Pricing

Army Corps priced like a PSP game, with discount for download version. Memory Card required for play.


Square Enix is launching two titles with PlayStation Vita's hardware release on December 17. At least one of these, Army Corps of Hell, will be missing the dreaded Square Enix tax.

The game's incredibly rude official Twitter, which is run by the demon king himself, says that pricing has been set at ¥4,980 for the game's package version, and ¥3,990 for the download version.

Here's the game's box, showing a CERO rating of D (which is one step below the Z rating games like Grand Theft Auto get) and a logo listing a requirement that you have a Memory Card.

Except for a few slips here and there, we've heard little about Vita's software pricing. While Nippon Ichi is charging ¥6,090 for Disgaea 3 Return, a bit more than the average PSP title, Square Enix is pricing Army Corps around the same level as most PSP games. The download version is priced lower, which is also common practice for PSP games.

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