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The Demon King Has Spoken: Army Corps of Hell Does Not Require a Memory Card


The brief confusion over Army Corps of Hell's apparent Memory Card requirement has been cleared up. The Demon King himself, writing at the game's official Twitter, responded to a question about the matter from a follower with "You fool! Being confused by such an image... the package version does not need a Memory Card."

In its announcement of Army Corps of Hell's pricing today, Square Enix sent out a package image showing an icon that flagged the game as requiring a Memory Card. It later sent out a corrected image with the icon missing.

A separate Memory Card is not required to play Army Corps of Hell.

PlayStation Vita games are capable of saving directly to their game card. For download games, and games that do require separate storage space to play, Sony will be selling proprietary Memory Cards priced between ¥2,200 for 4 gigabytes and ¥9,500 for 32 gigabytes. For additional peripheral pricing details, see this story.

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