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A message from Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino:

It says "Kua."

What could "Kua" possibly mean?

According to Jin at My Game News Flash, Hino has somewhat of a history of sticking his cellphone in his pocket and accidentally sending out messages after something presses up against it.

Some five months back, Hino's Twitter was updated with this X:

He quickly admitted that he'd stuck his iPhone in his pocket and the phone had accidentally Tweeted the X, and was surprised with the uproar it caused.

As of this writing, Hino has not yet retracted his Kua, so be on the lookout at Level-5 World in a couple of weeks for games beginning with a "Kua."

(BTW: The Level-5 Vision press conference will be held on the 15th, the first day of the event, from 11:00 through 12:30. Level-5 hasn't said yet if the press conference itself will be live streamed.)

This is the L5 Vision 2011 logo that was in the event invite. There's a 'festival' behind the event name.

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