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Square Enix PS Vita Launch Title Lord of Apocalypse Priced

Lord of Vermillion Re:2 magic card included as bonus.


Following last week's pricing announcement for Army Corps of Hell, Square Enix has shared pricing information for its other PlayStation Vita launch title, Lord of Apocalypse.

The game will carry a ¥5,980 price in its package form and ¥4,980 price in download form. This is a bit higher than the ¥4,980/¥3,990 of Army Corps, but Square Enix once again charging less for the download version, which is common practice for the Japanese PSP (top retailers discount games by more than 10% and give rewards points, so the difference usually ends up being negligible).

Different from Army Corps, Lord of Apocalypse is also being released simultaneously on PSP. The PSP version is priced the same, ¥5,980 as a package version and ¥4,980 as a direct download.

Buyers of either version who register the included Square Enix Members points with their Square Enix Members account will receive an original magic ard that can be used in arcade title Lord of Vermillion Re:2. The design of the card will be shared later.

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