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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Download Content Announced

Square Enix details three pieces of DLC that will be offered post release.

Serah and Noel will both have downloadable costumes.

Our previous reports on Final Fantasy XIII-2's download content have been about content that will be given away as special retailer bonuses depending on where you buy the game. Today, Square Enix shared details on the general download content that will be available to all.

The following items are currently set to be offered for download following the game's release on December 15:

Boss Monster Omega
Beat him, and you can make him into one of your monster allies.
Noel Costume
An original costume for Noel
Serah Costume
An original costume for Serah

In its announcement today, Square Enix noted that these items are meant for Japan. Their fate outside of Japan is currently undecided. Also, they represent just a portion of the planned DLC. Other items will be released as well.

Square Enix did not share pricing or exact release dates for the DLC.

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