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Sixteen Part Uncharted TV Drama Begins Airing Tonight

Sony promotes Drake's Deception release by editing scenes from Uncharted 2 into a drama series.


Sony Computer Entertainment Japan will be promoting the November 2 release of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception through a sixteen part television drama series that begins airing on TV Tokyo tonight.

Sixteen parts may seem like a lot, but each part is only 4 minutes. TV Tokyo will broadcast one new installment most days of the week from tonight through the 27th. Tune in to TV Tokyo from 24:53 to 25:00 Monday through Thursday, and 25:13 to 25:20 Wednesdays to watch.

Unfortunately, this isn't some live action recreation of Uncharted. Each four minute segment consists of game footage from Uncharted 2, edited into a drama format.

Each segment will also have an additional few minutes with skits showing Uncharted (Sony didn't say if it's part 2 or part 3) being played by a guy who loves the Uncharted series and his girlfriend who doesn't usually play games.

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