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First Look: Nippon Ichi's The Witch and the Hundred Soldiers


Dengeki Online has at long last shared a few screenshots of Nippon Ichi's new PS3 title The Witch and the Hundred Soldiers. The game debuted in Dengeki PlayStation last week, and we wrote lots and lots about it (see our article archive for details).

In the above pic, main character Metallica is to the right. The player character, Hiyakkihei, is to the left. Hiyakkihei is one of 100 soldiers Metallica can call upon for battle. It's the only one who has a permanent physical form. You can change his name if you like.

Above, we see Hyakkihei taking on a side quest from someone who's described as a "suspicious fish man." You can accept their quests, or attack them -- it's up to you!

Above, a scene of Hyakkihei facing off against an enemy.

Here's a scene showing another one of the 100 soldiers, Tochika. the remaining 99 soldiers can appear in physical form for brief periods. They'll support you in various ways.

The Witch and the Hundred Soldiers is due for PS3 release in Spring 2012. The game's limited edition will include a Puchi Nendoroid figure for Metallica, a two disc soundtrack, and a hard cover art book.

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