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Make Your Own Puyos and Fields in 3DS Puyo Puyo

Sega shares screens and details for the latest 3DS, Wii and PSP Puyo Puyo games.


Those are actual screenshots from the 3DS version of Puyo Puyo 20th Anniversary Edition. Through the game's "My Feed" feature, you can use the 3DS camera to create your own backgrounds.

You can also create custom Puyos via the game's My Puyo feature. Sega chose to illustrate this option with cats.

The 3DS version of Puyo Puyo 20th Anniversary Edition. hits on December 15. It will be joined by Wii and PSP versions, both with unique features. A DS version was released back in July.

Like the 3DS version, the Wii version supports internet play. It also has a Issho ni Puyo Puyo mode, where two players cooperate on the same field, managing different Puyos, and Wiimote Puyo Puyo, where players team up, each taking on either movement or rotation duty.

The PSP version has two player support on a single PSP along with four player ad-hoc multiplayer support. When playing ad-hoc, you only need one copy of the game.

All versions of the game will ship with the Puyo Puyo!! Anniversary Soundtrack Collection CD as a pre-order bonus. For the 3DS version, Sega is assembling an ¥8,715 Anniversary Pins Collection limited edition which includes 41 original pins.

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