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3DS Harvest Moon Detailed

Create a custom farm and custom character in early 2012.


Famitsu has a long awaited first report on the new 3DS Harvest Moon game, which the magazine lists as "Bokujou Monogatari: Hajimari no Daichi." This name translates, quite roughly, to "Harvest Moon: First Earth" (that's "earth" as in the ground).

Customization appears to be one of the key concepts for this first 3DS Harvest Moon game. You'll be able to create your own home and farm, selecting and placing parts and setting up your interior. You can also create a main character, selecting gender, skin, hair, eye color, hair style and clothing. Some of these areas can be changed as you play. For instance, by going to the salon, you can change your hair style.

The game will have a staple of the Harvest Moon series: love elements.

Hajimari no Daichi is due for 3DS release in early 2012.

[via Game Jouhou]

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