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Keiji Inafune's Pirate Penguin Game is a Trilogy

Friendship and betrayal between penguins and other animals.


If you like the comical looks of Keiji Inafune's new 3DS title King of Pirates, we have good news for you! 4Gamer reports that Inafune is planning the game as a trilogy!

King of Pirates was announced at Marvelous AQL's new title press conference earlier today. It's instantly getting the spotlight shined on it because it's Keiji Inafune's first real game since he left Capcom last year.

As reported earlier the game has a pirate theme, but also follows the story of Sangokushi. The cast of characters numbers over 300 and includes such animal types as penguins, cows, monkeys and dragons. The characters appear to be designed in the image of major Sangokushi figures.

Speaking at today's press conference, Inafune suggested that the game will have a high level of drama, touching upon themes of friendship and betrayal between people (or maybe animals?). While the game will let kids experience an adventure on the sea, Inafune also hopes adults will enjoy it.

Visit 4Gamer for pics from the press conference.

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