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Keiji Inafune is old, says Compile Heart teaser site


Just when we were all beginning to think that Keiji Inafune was back on track making respectable games involving Sangokushi era penguin pirates, Compile Heart opened up this mysterious teaser site:

The text at the site says "Keiji Inafune is Old." Access the site here and see if you can find any clues about what the site is about.

While Inafune is mostly known for his work on such franchises as Mega Man and Dead Rising, since departing Capcom last year he's formed an unexpected relationship with the Idea Factory and Compile Heart family, making a cameo appearance in Neptune Mk2 and lending his likeness and design talents to a love themed adventure game called Bakudan Handan. Today, Inafune announced King of Pirates as a collaborative 3DS project with Marvelous AQL.

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