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Dragon Quest X: A Tour Around Town

Plus, a close look at the land of Ogres.


Our latest look at Dragon Quest X includes details on what you'll encounter as you explore town.

Here are some of the facilities that will help out as you begin your online adventure. Not included in today's look is the "Residential Village," the endless area where you create your own home.

Weapon Shop


Staying the night costs 10 gold.


Dragon Quest X is auto saved, so you can stop play whenever you want. However, you can also visit church and can offer prayer to save your game as well. Why you'd want to do this is unclear. The church does also let you heal from poison and can be set as the place you return if you die when out on your quest.


Visit a craftsman to create new items.

Post Office

Send items and letters to friends.

Travelers Bazaar

A market where you can sell and purchase items to and from other players.


Every week, Square Enix will be providing a look at one of the game's five continents. Today, the home of the Ogres, Ogleed.

This continent spans snowy highlands to deserts. Areas shown in the screenshots include Langao Village, a small village located in the north, and the small centrally located nation of Glen.

The next update will have a look at Eltona, land of the elves.

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