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Keiji Inafune Details New 3DS Title King of Pirates

Former Capcom superstar knows you want bloody zombie games... but he really wanted to make Pirate Sangokushi.


4Gamer managed to get in a few words with Keiji Inafune yesterday at Marvelous AQL's press conference where Inafune's new 3DS game King of Pirates was first announced. Here's a bit of what Inafune had to say about the new project.

King of Pirates is the first game design Inafune created after leaving Capcom last year. He first showed it to then AQ Interactive (now part of Marvelous AQL) at a pretty early state, after he'd crafted the plot to a certain level.

Inafune says that he selected 3DS because he believes it will definitely expand its userbase, although he does admit that it's having some problems right now. Additionally, he points out that Nintendo makes a lot of kids oriented games, and he wants to make something at the same level of quality as a NIntendo game. Thus, he felt that 3DS would be the best platform.

You might have guessed this from the game's image trailer, but King of Pirates mixes pirates with the Sangokushi story. Inafune explained that he believes creativity isn't creating something from scratch, but creating something new by mixing things together. He wanted to take typical elements from Sangokushi and pirates and change them up a bit.

The game won't look like the CG concept trailer that we were shown yesterday. But Inafune did say that he expects the 3DS title to retain the same design style even with the visuals brought down to the system's specs. He expects to be able to deliver something playable that has the same image as the concept trailer.

Inafune would share just a few gameplay details, as there are still many things to be finalized. He's certain that the game will have two broad types of combat. One will be ship to ship, the other will be person to person. The game will have 300 characters, some strong on their own and some strong in groups, and the fun of selecting which character to use will be part of the gameplay. Yes, these are very high level details.

One surprising statement Inafune made at the press conference yesterday is that the game is being planned as a trilogy. The story may be too long to fit into three parts, he admitted. Each game will have its own conclusion, though.

Like Sangokushi, the games will span hundreds of years. The penguin character, who's meant to be Liu Bei, will even have kids.

Closing off the 4Gamer interview, Inafune acknowledged that many fans probably want something more adult oriented with zombies and blood. However, he first wanted to make the game he wanted to make. He assured, however, that he has more on the way than just King of Pirates.

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