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Hideo Kojima Gets Special Greeting From Homeland Security at LAX


Hideo Kojima has been in North America these past few days on business. Today, at Los Angeles International Airport, he found that he has fans in the unlikeliest of places: US Homeland Security.

As Kojima went through immigration procedures, an official said to him, "Hey, Hideo?! I'm looking forward to the new title that uses the Fox Engine."

Kojima had actually shown off Fox Engine, the new engine that is being developed internally at Kojima Productions for use in a PS3/PS Vita title, earlier in the week at a presentation on the USC campus. In addition to this, he'd also attended a signing event for the Metal Gear Solid version of RISK.

A true fan would have used his Homeland Security credentials to send Kojima to the special room for further questioning about the true nature of the Fox Engine. Kojima did not say if this happened... but he did share this pic of the ramen he ate in the airport lounge.

Kojima was flying back to Japan via San Francisco. At SF, immigration officials for some reason asked him if he's famous. Kojima lied and said "No."

Good thing they didn't check his bag, as they might have found this "scholar" badge he'd received at USC.

If you follow Kojima's Twitter, you might have seen a post with the text "Rising." Sadly, rather than Metal Gear Solid Rising, this was about Southern California's beautiful sunrise.

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