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Level-5 Brings Gundam Age to PSP

Get a first look at the 100 year RPG through this commercial.


Out of nowhere, Level-5 and Namco Bandai have taken the veil off the promised Gundam Age RPG. Get your first look here via this teaser commercial which does include a bit of in-game footage.

Based off the new Gundam Age franchise, the new Level-5 developed title is a PSP game that's due for release in Summer 2012. The commercial promises an RPG that lets you experience 100 years of history.

Level-5 and CEO Akihiro Hino are working on the Gundam Age franchise itself, whose first anime episode was broadcast earlier today. While Namco Bandai previously announced that Level-5 was also making an RPG based off the franchise, the game's platform was never announced.

Access the game's official site here.

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