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Level-5's Time Travelers Also Due for PlayStation Vita

Jiro Ishii's 3DS adventure gets some new platforms. Release planned for 2012.

Time Travelers will be playable at Level-5 World.

Level-5 is set to share its upcoming plans at Level-5 Vision later this week. But a few bits have started to leak out of this week's Famitsu.

The big news we're hearing is that Time Travelers is now a multiplatform title. Originally announced for just 3DS, the game is due for PlayStation Vita and PSP as well.

Famitsu also has a few game details. The game is set in 2031 Tokyo and will be fully voiced. A release is planned for 2012.

Time Travelers was one of the main announcements from last year's Level-5 Vision. The game instantly received attention because of the involvement of Jiro Ishii of Chun Soft and 428 fame.

Famitsu also has an updated report on Fantasy Life. This one is still 3DS. As previously announced, Brownie Brown is developer.

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