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More Guild 01 Details

What are Yasumi Matsuno, Yoot Saito and the comedian guy up to?


We already detailed Suda 51's contribution to Level-5's new 3DS title Guild 01. Here are some details on the three other games that make up the compilation.

Air Porter

Yoot Saito is making Air Porter, whose catch phrase is "Check your luggage on time." Yes, this the airport luggage management simulation we've all been waiting for.

You play as the head of an airport and must handle the luggage that passes through. Your goal is to keep planes departing on time.

The game encourages smart management by rewarding you with combos. When you make a plane take off on time, this leads to a plane being able to land on time, resulting in a combo.

Perform your job well, and your airport rating will grow. You'll get more passengers, and more money as a result, and you'll be able to purchase new planes and parts and expand your airport grounds. Eventually, you may even be asked to handle an arrival and departure from Air Force One. Do this successfully, and you'll get the highest rating.

Rental Bukiya de Omasse

This RPG is from comedian Yoshiyuki Hirai. You play as the father and son pair who run weapon shop -- the same kind of weapon shop you'd find in an RPG. You'll have to make weapons and rent them out to adventurers.

Different from most RPGs, where the hero is the one choosing the weapons, in Rental Bukiya, weapon selection is left to you. Your decisions could effect the result of your clients' adventures.

To aid in your business, you have access to a tool called "Donai Natter." This communication device shows messages indicating if the adventurer has successfully achieved his goal, so you'll know if you'll get your rental gear back. The device also indicates when the local bakery is having a sale, for instance.

Famitsu doesn't say why Yoshiyuki Hirai is developing a game alongside veteran developers like Suda 51, Yoot Saito and Yasumi Matsuno. In fact, it appears that Hirai actually applied to work at a game company once but was rejected.

Crimson Shroud

This is Yasumi Matsuno's contribution to the project. Based off the text of the game's prologue, it looks like you play as a "Chaser," someone who's skilled at finding people. The prologue also mentions the "Crimson Shroud" of the title, but does not say what it is.

The prologue also hints that the game is set 1,000 years in the past in a world without magic. The game's story will apparently tell how magic became commonplace in the world.

Hideo Minaba is listed as the game's illustrator. Minaba's involvement in the project came to light when Matsuno announced that he was joining Level-5 earlier this year.

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