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Time Traveler's Story Detailed

Mysterious space elevator rises from Tokyo in the year 2031.


Famitsu's coverage of Time Travelers this week wasn't limited to just the mega ton level announcement that the game is due for PlayStation Vita and PSP in addition to 3DS. The magazine also shared story and character details.

The story behind Time Travelers kicks off a few years in the future as a mysterious hole called the "Lost Hole" appears in the skies above Tokyo accompanied by an explosion. Central Tokyo is destroyed, and many lives are lost.

Things jump 18 years, to 4/28/2031. Tokyo is a futuristic city, with holographic signs filling the streets, and a building called the "Space Elevator" rising from Tokyo Bay. While there's a "space" in the name, the building is only 2,000 meters high. It serves as a power source for the city.

Characters introduced in the magazine include:

Fushimi Hina
A rebellious announcer with a television station, her dream is to become a news caster. In the hopes of getting a scoop, she's pursuing the truth behind a terrorist known as Dokuro no Kaijin (maybe... Mysterious Kaijin?).
Fukase Yuri
A third year high school student, Fukase is a childhood friend of Mikoto, the girl from the original Time Travelers teaser video. He's good at both sports and studies, but doesn't speak much or reveal his feelings.
Kamiya Soma
An elite cop. His wife and child are being held hostage, and he's being forced to take part in terrorist acts.
Shindo Kyugo
He was once said to be a genius, but now he cons people of their money saying that he's developing a time machine.
A real life hero who does his patrol work while cosplaying. His true identity is a 30 year old who has yet to grow up. He's been jobless since dropping out of college, survives on an allowance sent to him by his father, and was recently dumped by his girlfriend of five years.

Famitsu's story doesn't have any details about how Time Travelers will unfold or what types of mechanics, both story telling and gameplay, we can expect. The game will be playable at Level-5 World this weekend, so we'll hopefully get some details then.

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